P1 light dripline is the novelty for irrigation in greenhouses and open field for vegetables and flowers.

P1 light dripline is the new generation dripline to satisfy drip irrigation requirements:

  • hight performance of emission uniformity also in irrigation cycles with fertilizers;
  • possibility to reach considerable branch lengths;
  • technical characteristics reliable in the long run, in various applications and environment conditions;
  • easy to install without checking the emission point position on the ground;
  • low investments to be paid off in one season only;
  • the flat dripper 2 mm thick only, welded to the inside wall of the pipe grants minimum pressure losses;
  • dripper’s filter, with its surface with eight pass holes, exludes clogging possibilities;
  • the turbulent flow labyrinth, with characteristics for a higher emission uniformity, excludes sedimentation possibilities even at low working pressures;
  • the pipe available in two diameters 16 and 22, with wall thickness of 8, 10, 12, 15, 18, 24 and 35 mil, offers high resistance to thermal stresses, UV rays and mechanical stresses.